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Since the good old days of 1958, Milky Lane has been a household name in deliciously fun ice-cream treats and the most famous waffles.

Loved by friends and family, the secret ingredient is NiceCream, a top quality soft serve which goes into a range of indulgent products. From Wonder-fill Waffles to Sunnydaes. From Milkyshakes, to yummy Pancakes. And don't forget about the amazing Whizzer - a unique delight which blends NiceCream with chocolates, nuts, fruit and confectionary.

Milky Lane is the place where you get the warm and fuzzies, and you feed your imagination. Served up with a double-order of smiles, and topped off with a scrumptious range of toppings and flavours.

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From D'lovable Duo's to Specialty Coffees. And the Whizzer seems a favourite blend of delicious things we'd recommend.
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NiceCream Cakes

The Home of NiceCream, it's the treat, could any soft serve be so sweet? The perfect ingredient for every thing, It makes us laugh, it makes us sing.
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Come along to Milky Lane, Where delight is served free, And kids laugh with glee.
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